Monday, December 22, 2008

Cooking/Baking help

Cooking/baking is one of my passions, to bad the dishes don't clean themselves. My family thinks I'm nuts when I get excited about a new cookbook or magazine, or when I find a new recipe site on the internet. Of course they don't have to cook or even try and think of what to make for 3 meals a day!! Some days when I just don't know what to make I'll ask whom ever is around for ideas. The answer I usually get is "Make whatever you want". When I suggest a flax bagel with peanut butter I just get "the Look". You know the one - it says "I don't think so!" But of course they can't come up with anything better - so I'm on my own again.

Since it's close to Christmas and I'm sure many of you are doing your Christmas baking I thought I'd check out some cooking/baking blogs for ideas. Christmas baking at my house is pretty basic - no nuts (hubby has a slight allergy) and not to much chocolate (gives hubby migraines). So what do you make at Christmas that doesn't have nuts or chocolate! Let me tell you it isn't easy! So I make some snack mixes and cheeseball, cream cookies, rice krispie cake with caramel, New York Cheese cake (for Logan's birthday on the 26th) and hopefully a few things I'll find on some of the blogs I'll look at.

Lucky for me no one goes to the freezer to get sweets when they're hungry so stuff lasts fairly long. Of course the fridge is a different matter. It's apparently free game. Don't you hate pulling out a container of left overs from the fridge only to find out that it is empty because someone was hungry? Sometimes I think that we'll have leftovers for supper - start pulling out containers at 5:45pm only to realize that what I thought would feed 4 now only feeds 2.5! ARG!!! Good thing I'm happy with a flax bagel and peanut butter.

Back to cooking blogs - I have found quite a few really good ones with lots of pictures. Some would be really good for novice cooks/bakers (not me, but fun to look at). They have great pics and descriptions on how to do the recipe. What they all have in common is lots of recipes! WOOHOO!! Maybe I'll find a new recipe to try for supper. Here are some that I look at quite often. There are more cooking links on the right to some awesome blogs!! HAPPY COOKING/BAKING!! (don't lick too many spoons!)

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