Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Chili Dip

Need a dip with some zip? This is it! Got the recipe from a fellow Quadder (4-wheeler) at a camping pot luck last fall. We all love chili, cheese, salsa, cream cheese and this has it all. It's super easy to make.


2 tubs of cream cheese
2 cans of Stagg Chili (I use one regular and one Dynamite)
shredded cheese

Soften cream cheese, than spread onto bottom of 12" x 9" foil pan. Top with mixed cans of Stagg Chili. Cover chili with a thin layer of salsa, then shredded cheese.

Warm oven to 350F. Place pan of dip in oven, heat till cheese has sufficiently melted (may take 15 minutes).

Grap some Tostido Rounds or Scoopables and dig in!! Yummy!


  1. This sounds YUMMY ~ I'll have to try it !!

  2. Yummo..this looks fantastic Audrey! Love your blog! I love recipe blogs..there is always something new to learn and I love trying new recipes in my kitchen!

  3. Looks awesome!! I will have to try it!! I will now be a follower!